"My children attended the Strood race clinic. It was a truly wonderful day. You ran it with such consideration and professionalism. What shone through was the desire from all of you to pass on discipline and determination to be your best and then be better, but without being pushy or unrealistic.

We have all made lists of what we want to remember from the day, we all have slightly different points but also a core of golden nuggets - skinny kick, hips up, arms down not wide, focus, strong last 10m, work hard and then work harder, be your best and then be better, believe.

Thank you all, a very inspiring day for both swimmers and parents. Not only have you all excelled in your sport, you are clearly excelling at passing on passion and instruction to the next generation, allowing them to stand on the shoulders of giants."

- Vicki Law, Strood 2019

"I just want to thank you for a truly inspirational day. My daughter is more determined than ever to achieve her dreams. To be honest I feel inspired to give it a go myself!

Every step of the day was so beautifully crafted and encouraged each swimmer to be their absolute best.

We have been on a few clinics previously but Sadie came away from this one absolutely brimming with enthusiasm.

Although it looked seamless to us I know it would have taken considerable planning and hard work, and I’m not sure how often that you hear the appreciation back after the dust has settled."

-Jo Stebel & Sadie Clarke, Repton 2019

"I’m sure you’ll be completely inundated with grateful thank you emails from parents, so I’ll try and keep it short and to the point!!!

On my social media posts I described the Clinic as ‘Phenomenal’....it was ultimately the strongest and most powerful word I could think of!

As an enthusiastic parent of two young swimmers who enjoy the sport for so many reasons, just wanted to say the power of what you’ve all been able to give to all 500 kids this week is incalculable, immeasurable as the impact is just too immense! A dream come true for all to be part of the experience.
Talk about giving back!!!!!

Was also great seeing Kevin part of the team, as we originally met him from his Hatfield Swimming Club coaching days when we started out and continues to give us great advice for the boys as we’re East Region."

- Nicola Maddison, Repton 2019

"Can I just say a massive thank you to not only you but to your whole team for putting on just an amazing swimming clinc , it was so well.organised , and formatted the day just went so quick and the whole team was so friendly 


As a parent I look to give my boy the best opportunities that are always available to give them not only techniques in swimming but for me the mental toughness as this is what my boy always suffers with at both training and at galas and this has what your clinc has done is giving my kid that mental strength and as a dad I cannot thank you enough"

- Danny Jones, Workington 2019

Thank you so much for this.

My daughter attended the Bath Clinic and had a great day. She learnt lots and can’t wait for the season to start again.


The whole day was extremely well organised and the communication from booking to the day was great. 

- Catherine Watts, Bath 2019

As a parent it is so refreshing to see Adam as such a positive role model and how committed he is to his sport, and I really appreciate the time he has taken out of his busy schedule - you all must have been exhausted by the end of the week.


Meeting Adam and being coached by him really made Louis' summer and he enjoyed all the coaching both in and out of the pool. You have my full respect for allowing so many children the opportunity to experience these clinics.